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09:30 am
10:00 am
Opening statement and introduction
by Landesrat Rudi Anschober (Councilor of Upper Austria for the Environment)
and Dalibor Stráský (Anti-Nuclear-Appointee of Upper-Austria)
10:15 am
Keynote - Study: Risk of lifetime extensions of old nuclear power plants - background & method
Wolfgang Renneberg, Germany
Expert in reactor safety, INRAG
10:55 am
Situation in individual states
Presented by:
Dalibor Stráský, Czech Republic, Nuclear physicist
Leo Šešerko, Slovenia, Environmental politician
József Kóbor, Hungary, Radiation biologist, Nuclear Transparency Watch
Ulla Klötzer, Finland, Women against Nuclear Power Finland
Bruno Chareyron, France, Nuclear physicist for CRIIRAD
12:30 pm
Lunch break - buffet provided
13:30 pm
Risk of lifetime extensions of old nuclear power plants - technical aspects
Oda Becker, Germany
Nikolaus Müllner, Austria

14:00 pm
Nuclear power - unprofitable from A to Z
Kaspar Müller, Switzerland
Independent financial expert, Former President ETHOS Foundation)
14:30 pm
Law and legal action: Possible steps against lifetime extensions
Patricia Lorenz, Austria
Friends of the Earth Europe, Brussels; Global 2000
15:00 pm
Coffee break
15:20 pm
Panel and audience discussion
16:30 pm
Open end - Opportunity for networking